Are You Chasing Love? Try Chasing Authenticity Instead


Just about everyone is looking for deep, meaningful, soulful love—but very few of us know how to find it.

Many of us have a mental checklist of what we’re looking for in a mate, which usually includes things like appearance, age, level of education, salary, and more. We mistakenly think that someone who embodies these required traits will make us happy, and we actively search for a person who matches the description. Believe me, I know all about it—I was the queen of doing this!

But without first knowing who we are, the checklist is fundamentally flawed. We end up chasing a list of attributes that doesn’t truly connect to what we need in a partner—what will truly make us happy and fulfill us on a deeper level.

What if, instead of chasing a version of love we’ve envisioned, we focused on cultivating our own authenticity? Watch this week’s video to find out why I believe authenticity is the key to unlocking true love.