Do You Hold the (Sexist) Belief that Women Go After Men for Their Money?


It’s undeniable that there’s a widespread belief in our society that women go after men for their money. And let me tell you, I’ve gone from having a bee in my bonnet about this to having a full-on beehive! The idea that women actively seek out men who have money is perception only – there’s no data that confirms this! But the problem with perception is that it often becomes reality.

Not only is this belief untrue – as a woman, I can tell you that many of us have our own bling, thank you very much – it’s profoundly sexist! And herein lies the crux of the issue: if and when a woman actually goes after a man because of his affluence, this action is a byproduct of patriarchy.

Watch my video as I dig deep into why this view is so problematic and why it misses the bigger issue of patriarchy. My hope is that, after today, when you hear people making these types of sexist comments about women, you’ll stand in your power by using your voice to disrupt stereotypes about women. And don’t back away by pointing out the real issue – sexism in society. Together, we can shut this noise down!


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