Embrace the Now - Start Using Your Nice Stuff First


When I was a kid, I absolutely loved the samples of fancy perfume and shampoo I got (for free!) in magazines and at stores. Because they felt so nice and so fancy, I would save them in a drawer to be used only on special occasions. But often I forgot about them, that day never came, or my treasured samples had gone bad by the time I went to use them! And that was how I lived for many years – saving nice things I received until there was a reason for me to use them – until I met my law-school roomie, Caroline.

Caroline always used her nice things, as part of living her life with zest. She’d use her expensive perfume daily, drink out of her fancy crystal glasses and more. When I asked her why she would do those things, she said something that literally changed my world. She replied, “That is what you’re supposed to do with nice things. You should use them now because you never know what tomorrow will bring.”

Her simple response was such a learning experience for me because it is so true! We don’t know what the future holds and living in the present is critical to our happiness and success. What she said changed the way I looked at my belongings, inspired me to embrace the now, and led me to start using fancy things first, which I’ve been doing ever since.

If you’ve been holding back on using your nice things, watch this week’s video as I break down why you should do as Caroline taught me and live in the now.

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