Here’s Why You Must Own the Energy You Put Out There


You are responsible for the energy you bring. Wow! What a powerful concept.

I first heard this statement several years ago while watching a particular episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah (who is my bestie, she just doesn’t know this yet) chatted with neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor about her experience of healing after a serious stroke. Bolte Taylor emphasized that, for her healing, it was critical that people were mindful about the energy they brought into the room when they were interacting with her.

This message really resonated with me (and with Oprah too, as you’ll see from the clip – link above!) – the idea that our vibe and energy has an impact on the people around us. People can not only see that we’re angry, stressed, or happy, they can feel it too!

In this #RituTalks video, I share a story about a small, but powerful, interaction that I had at the airport recently while feeling frantic. It reminded me of this important life lesson and, in particular, about how I can have either a negative or positive impact on others – how I choose to behave in every moment decides this. My story may shed some light for you on why you want to own your energy going forward. Watch now!

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