One of the Best Tools I’ve Used to Feel Better


Recall the last time you felt super sorry for yourself and wallowed in self-pity. You know, one of those ‘woe is me’ moments!

You’ll recall me sharing in a previous video that I’m all about throwing yourself a ‘pity party’ when you’re feeling sh*tty, because it really can be cathartic! But there comes a point, like all parties, where it needs to end. Enter one of the most useful tools I picked up from one of my past therapists (yes, I’ve had several).

In a moment of feeling hopelessness after a bad break-up, my therapist shared a strategy with me that not only made me laugh, but has now helped me through many bad times. It’s a fabulous life tool that is a gift for living better! Watch this #RituTalks video to find out what he taught me and, of course, I want you to use it too!



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