The Importance of Eye Contact


Several years ago, I sought advice from my therapist after a negative and upsetting speaking experience where I felt extremely disconnected from the audience. She talked to me about the importance of eye contact and how it helps signify to people that we’re present with them in that moment.

Eye contact signals to others that we see them, that we honor them, that we respect them – which is particularly important because so many of us, now more than ever, are wanting and needing to be seen, heard, valued, and respected.

In today’s environment, where we’re constantly distracted by what’s around us (our phones, for example), simple actions and gestures, like eye contact, can mean the world to the people we spend time with. It helps to make them feel acknowledged and included and can open the door to a more personal, intimate connection in any situation.

Watch this week’s video to find out how the intimacy of eye contact can dramatically improve your interactions with others.