The Three Selves – The Magic on How to be Authentic


Many of you already know that living authentically is beneficial to your overall wellbeing, and you’ve likely wondered about how to be yourself. But you likely also feel a relentless push to change who you are in order to be accepted with your family, at work, and more.

How can you navigate the challenges of being authentic, especially in the workplace, where being your authentic self may not always be an option?

In this week’s video, I share a framework I developed while writing my book The Authenticity Principle (now available as an audiobook!), called The Three Selves. The great thing about this framework is that it’s not hard - you all already have each of the selves within! Plus, it’s adaptable to every person and circumstance. This framework will help you to embrace your authentic self and be you as much as possible in any situation.

As I take you through what your three selves are, you may find it useful to take a pause and think about the extent you are living in each particular state of self. You may discover something new about yourself that you didn’t know!

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