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What is Intersectionality?

Many years ago, when I first learned about the concept of intersectionality (pioneered by the formidable Kimberlé Crenshaw), my mind was blown. Finally, there was a word to describe how I’d been feeling as a woman who is ALSO Brown, Punjabi, Sikh, and borne of immigrant parents.

Not all women have the same experience. Not all People of Color have the same experience. The fact that I’m cisgender and hetero give me heightened privilege, which is so important for me to be aware of in working to interrupt the oppression that people from LGBTQ+ communities face.

As I share in this #ShinewithRitu video, understanding the concept of intersectionality ultimately helped me to feel like I belonged, to talk more openly about my experiences, and to be a better ally.

Watch now to learn more about how understanding intersectionality can help you too!

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