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Revealing You Workshop with Ritu: Choosing Authenticity | Toronto, Ontario

  • Verity | Room: The Library 111 D Queen Street East, Toronto Toronto, ON, M5C 1S2 Canada (map)

A Deep-Dive into Your Three Selves

“Be yourself!”

How many times have you heard this advice before?! And how many times have you struggled to make this happen – with your family and friends, at work, in society, and more?

You likely already know that living authentically is critical to your overall well-being and happiness, and you’ve been taking steps towards doing this. But you struggle in moments because you also receive messages to change who you are, push down your differences, and suppress your core needs so that you can experience acceptance and belonging. You’re told that this will allow you to achieve the success you desire.

And not surprisingly, you feel torn between trying to be who you really are at your core and changing who you are to “fit in” – at work, with your family and friends, and even with yourself. In the face of all of this, how can you live more authentically going forward?

I’m so excited to invite you to attend my Revealing You workshop focused on “Choosing Authenticity: A Deep-Dive into Your Three Selves”. During this intimate, hands-on experience over four hours, I will lead you in exploring the importance of authenticity so that you can thrive personally, build better relationships, and flourish in your work life. I will teach you about the Three Selves, a practical framework I developed to help people to be more authentic and provide you with tools for how to be more mindful of your behaviour so that you can live your best life.

I want you to leave my workshop feeling like you can shine in all you do!

What you can expect:

  • An overview of key authenticity principles – what it really means to live authentically, why this is important, and how to make authentic living part of your day-to-day life

  • A deep-dive into the Three Selves framework – what is the Three Selves framework, how to leverage the framework, what is happening at present with your three selves

  • An exploration of overcoming barriers – how you can overcome the barriers to living authentically so that your authentic self can shine

  • A range of tools – discussion of self-reflection exercises, take-home exercises, and handouts

Get ready for a soulful and thought-provoking afternoon that will leave you feeling inspired!

For your information:

  • Format: This event will be in a workshop format, which means I will be leading many group discussions and there will be many opportunities for self-reflection. Most importantly, this workshop is meant to be casual and intimate.

  • Dress: We’ll be workshopping for the full 4 hours so feel free to dress in whatever feels comfortable for you (I will be in leggings)!

  • What to bring: Please bring a notepad or whatever you’ll want to use to take notes

  • Food/Drink: We will be serving water and light snacks

Tickets on sale now!
Early bird price available until Monday, April 22, 2019.