Are you longing to better know yourself and be yourself? Learn about how to make this happen with my empowerment book!


In a society that pushes conformity, how can you courageously choose to be who you really are despite the fear of judgment? How can change your life so that you are living your best?

I know firsthand what it's like to struggle with being authentic. After years of battling conformity, racism, self-loathing, and more, I committed to living my best life and I'm now finally doing that - and I want the same for you! I've learned how to thrive and now, in my Amazon bestseller The Authenticity Principle, I give you the tools to make this happen.

The authenticity principle is a commitment to being yourself as much as possible, so that you can feel more empowered, confident, and joyful in all that you do. Combining the latest neuroscience, diversity, leadership, and mindfulness research with a slew of practical exercises and tips, in my book I unveil a transformational framework called The Three Selves for living, working, and leading more authentically. To make my takeaways feel more real for you, I share inspiring insights from several prominent people who overcame barriers to being authentic, and I share my own journey to live my best.

Here's a key message from my book: choosing to live authentically is the most important step you can take to thrive in how you feel about yourself, your relationships, and your career. More than just a call to “be yourself,” The Authenticity Principle is a rallying cry to disrupt the status quo, bring your differences into the light, and help others do the same.


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Reviews for The Authenticity Principle

I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of this book and was blown away. I read a lot of business and centered self-help books and Ritu Bhasin has written something quite special here. I love the work of Brené Brown, Liz Gilbert, and Sheryl Sandberg; Ritu Bhasin fits right in with them while also centering the needs of people of color and other minority communities. It was so wonderful to read a book that encourages me to be my truest self while acknowledge the oppressive systems that make that difficult. This is a book I will read again and again.

- Leonicka Valcius, Chair of The Festival of Literary Diversity

At a time when many of us want to be more inclusive of others but don’t know how to make it happen, The Authenticity Principle is essential reading. Ritu Bhasin provides a highly practical and realistic action-plan for leaders to revolutionize how they lead their organizations and their teams, with authenticity as a guiding principle. This book is guaranteed to change how you think about yourself and those around you, while giving you the edge you need to be an inclusive leader in today’s world.

- Bill Thomas, Global Chairman, KPMG International

Relatable right from the first page, The Authenticity Principle is an honest and thoughtful immersion into what it truly means to be ‘The Other’ and how happiness comes with embracing your true self with not only open arms, but an open heart. A definite must-read for all!

- Deepa Mehta, Award-Winning Director and Screenwriter

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