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Ritu Bhasin relaxing at home

Ritu Bhasin relaxing at home

I didn’t always feel empowered to be an unapologetic, fiercely authentic person.

While I was highly successful and living the “corporate dream” as a lawyer in my early career, I had a startling realization: the person I was in my day-to-day life bore little resemblance to my true self. Because of my experiences with racism and bullying, I found myself minimizing racial, religious, gender, and class-based aspects of my identity to “fit in” among circles where I felt I didn’t belong. And in doing this, I was profoundly unhappy.

After much soul-searching, I decided to transform my life. I completed my MBA, left my corporate job, launched my own business, became a mindfulness practitioner and teacher, and dedicated my life to helping others become more empowered and inclusive. Most importantly, I committed to living as authentically as possible in all that I did going forward.

In 2010, I launched bhasin consulting inc., a diversity and inclusion-focused consulting firm, and have since gained a global reputation for my work in leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and women’s advancement. Through my work, I am committed to disrupting the status quo to build a world in which each of us celebrates our own differences and the differences of others. I have delivered talks to thousands, inspiring leaders to be more inclusive, and encouraging those who have experienced oppression to be more empowered. I’ve since won numerous awards for my work, including the City of Toronto’s William P. Hubbard Award for Race Relations.

My first book, The Authenticity Principle, was released in 2017, and is now an Amazon bestseller.

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