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The Secret to Living a Life You Love is Belonging

What is Belonging?

I define belonging as the profound feeling of being accepted for who you are by your own self and by the people you choose to be bonded with.

It’s directly connected with authenticity, which I describe as the consistent practice of choosing to KNOW who you are, EMBRACE who you are, and BE who you are — especially what makes you unique and different — so that you feel most connected to yourself and to others.  

Belonging only happens when you’re embraced for your authenticity, especially your differences, both by your own self and by others.

And when you commit to living authentically, you’re pledging to live in alignment with what I call the Authenticity Principle — a commitment to being yourself as much as possible even in the face of judgment, bias, or fear.

We've Got This: Unlocking the Beauty ofBelonging

Many of us feel constant pressure to mask and curate who we are ― to perform as someone we’re not rather than be who we are. And it hurts us. But we don’t need to live this way.

I know firsthand that the path to belonging can be both beautiful and hard. As a child of working-class immigrants of color, I’ve experienced relentless struggles with racist bullying and cultural confusion. Both in my personal and professional life, I’ve grappled with knowing, embracing, and being my authentic self — until I realized the freedom that comes with claiming belonging, which I passionately share with you in my new book.

We’ve Got This is a guidebook on how to heal, thrive, and stand in your power in the face of hate and hardships. And how to unlock belonging ― for yourself and for others.


How Do You Get Started?

The path to belonging isn’t a straight, neat line for many of us. It takes a lot of hard work and, frankly, sometimes we need help to stay on this road. I certainly did! And this is why I’ve spent hours and hours developing empowerment practices to help you stand in your power. I want you to choose to claim belonging for yourself with yourself!

Explore Your Three Selves

In order to live an authentic life and claim belonging, you need to dig deep into understanding the Three Selves Framework™.



The Performing Self

Your Performing Self is who you are when you feel like you don’t have a choice but to conform or mask aspects of your true self.



The Adapted Self

Your Adapted Self is who you are when you make a choice to adapt an aspect of your behavior in order to meet your own needs or others’ needs.



The Authentic Self

Your Authentic Self is the truest reflection of who you are at your core — an expression of your values, beliefs, needs, desires, thoughts, emotions, and more.

The real magic of

belonging is

unlocked when you learn to push out of your Performing Self and flow between your Authentic Self and Adapted Self!

Your Belonging Toolkit

Check out these resources I’ve put together to help you heal from hurtful experiences, be authentic, and feel empowered!

Check out these resources I’ve put together to help you heal from hurtful experiences, be authentic, and feel empowered!

Join My Empowerment Masterclass

This 30-day guided self-reflection journey will help you reconnect with your inner power so that you can experience greater belonging.

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