What to Do When Your Date Doesn’t Ask Questions

So many of us, during periods of being single, have been on one of those dates — a date when the person you’re going out with dominates the conversation with stories about themself and doesn’t ask any questions about you, your interests, or your life. (Ugh, I seriously can’t tell you how much I hate this!!)

This type of experience can be especially pronounced for women (we do live in a society dominated by patriarchy, after all) — and with COVID moving our lives online, I’ve had so many girlfriends describe situations where their virtual dates don’t ask many questions during conversations on apps and only talk about themselves during video or phone calls.

While it might be tempting to blame this on the awkwardness of dating via Zoom (hello, delayed video and extended, uncomfortable silences!), these imbalances of conversation were happening long before online dating became the norm.

So in this video, I share a few concrete approaches you can take when your date doesn’t ask questions as well as some tips on what you can do if you’re someone who has accidentally done this to someone you’ve been dating.

Watch now!

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