How to Stay Inspired and Motivated


Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” or “How can I be happy in life?”

I certainly have! It usually occurs when I’m overwhelmingly stressed with work and life stuff or when I’m at a crossroads about how to live my life. These types of challenging moments in life can bring on the need to engage in self-reflection and self-care in order to figure out how to live better.

What has really helped me in these trying times is remind myself of my mission and purpose in life. I actually pause to reflect on my values and what drives me in life, which helps me to feel more focused, grounded, and connected with my authentic self. It also helps me to reignite my fire, which might feel dimmed.

Watch this week’s video as I share what keeps my fire burning and how I use it to help fuel me in both my professional and personal life. Need help in finding your mission so that you can be your best? Check out my Empower Page here! It’s been specially designed to help you discover your inner compass.


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