How to Succeed by Being Organized (and find time for Self-Care too!)


Many of you reach out to me to ask about how to succeed at juggling multiple priorities, including find time for self-care – so that you can be your best when there is so much going on. Like you, I often feel stretched with the number of things I have on my plate. The thought of having to do it all can sometimes be overwhelming!

One of the crucial things I do to set myself up for success is ensure that I stay super organized, so that I make the time for both the things I have to do and the things I want to do. Cultivating “me time” is so important when you’re juggling a busy schedule, because it will help to keep you balanced and healthy, which will enable you to not only be more organized in the end, but you’ll feel better about your life as well!

So what does staying organized actually look like? And how can you fit in self-care? Watch this week’s #AskRitu video as I share what I do to help me stay organized and how I incorporate time for personal care in my life. My system may not work for you, and all good if that’s the case. You’ll want to find a a system that works for you, meeting your needs and lifestyle.

Don’t give up until you find an approach that works for you. It’s worth it!


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