How to Succeed When Your Boss is Toxic


You’ve heard me talk about celebrating our achievements and not dimming our light, particularly in the workplace, but what do you do when your boss hates your success and is getting in your way?

This is a really tough situation to be in because you need your boss in order to succeed and get ahead within your organization, but it is extremely difficult when the person feels toxic. It won’t be surprising if you get to a place where you’re constantly thinking to yourself, “I hate my boss!”

The good news is that there are a few things you can do! In this week’s video I share some of my suggestions to help you navigate this predicament. The one important thing to remember as you listen to me take you through my tips is that you can’t change others’ behavior – you can only change your own. If you want to live better and learn to succeed, you can make this happen!

I hope you find my suggestions helpful! Feel free to send me follow up questions and questions on anything you’d like me to answer! You can send me an email or message me directly on any of my social media channels.

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