Infidelity Broke My Heart — But Here’s What I Learned

Healing your heart after a breakup can feel impossible — especially if you’ve been cheated on. As someone who has had multiple heartbreaks due to past partners’ infidelity, I can say from experience that it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that it’s your fault that you’ve been cheated on.

It makes sense that you’d feel that way. Cheating can seriously harm your self-esteem and leave you feeling broken, but there is a way to move on, improve your romantic relationships, and find the love you deeply desire. One person who has led me to this realization is Esther Perel, a globally renowned psychotherapist and relationship expert, whose work I strongly recommend checking out.

Esther, whose TED Talk on rethinking infidelity has been watched over ten million times, is my favorite source for romantic advice and wisdom. I’ve read both her books and I devour her articles, listen to her podcasts, and watch her videos. I can’t get enough!

One of the key things I’ve learned from Esther’s work — and one of the things that ultimately helped me heal from the heartbreak of infidelity — is that when my past partners cheated, it wasn’t about me being a bad person.

Watch this video to find out how I healed by reframing what I thought I knew about infidelity.

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