How I Became a Professional Inclusion Speaker

I grew up in a household that was deeply committed to social justice issues, and so from a young age I knew that I wanted to pursue a career that was related to social justice and helping others.

But at that time, if you wanted to do social justice work, you didn’t start an equity, diversity and inclusion business, you joined a non-profit or became a politician, a journalist, or a lawyer instead. And that’s what I did! I became a lawyer, a career that I hoped would allow me to contribute to social change in a slightly more indirect way, while dabbling in freelance journalism.

As you know, I’m no longer a lawyer — here’s a bit on my story — and I’m now a professional speaker who runs her own consulting firm in the areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

I’m trying to use my voice to fight injustice and create a better world for BIPOC, for women, and for people from historically oppressed communities — and I love my job!

So how did the daughter of immigrants who used to dread public speaking become a professional speaker and educator? In this video, I share my journey to become a professional speaker and what I think is one of the key secrets to my success.

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I'm Ritu.

I’m an award-winning life coach, empowerment speaker, author, and inclusion expert dedicated to helping you live your best life.


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