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Let's Dig Deep: Holding Inclusive Conversations Around Mental Health

Thursday, May 6, 2021, at 2:00 PM
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bci Inclusion Academy Presents “Let’s Dig Deep: Holding Inclusive Conversations Around Mental Health”


In early 2020, a global pandemic changed how we live, work and experience the world. Over a year later, we are more concerned than ever about protecting and cultivating our individual and collective mental health and wellness.


Early research confirms that mental health concerns are on the rise among employees as they face higher levels of work-related stress, uncertainty about the future, and social isolation. Employees and leaders alike are concerned with creating inclusive workplace environments where team members are equipped with the skills required to hold supportive conversations around mental health.


As part of our efforts to promote mental health inclusion, bci Inclusion Academy is pleased to announce Let’s Dig Deep: Holding Inclusive Conversations Around Mental Health, a virtual workshop designed to equip both leaders and team members with the language and frameworks for holding supportive and inclusive conversations around mental health.


Topics covered in this workshop include the following:


  • The foundational mental health concepts and principles that leaders and team members need to know
  • Discussion of the mental health continuum, which helps to reframe the importance of mental health inclusion in the workplace
  • Key forms of biases and stigma that arise in organizations and create barriers to mental health inclusion
  • Practical strategies for creating an organizational culture that supports the mental health of all team members
  • The appropriate language, framing, and inclusive lens required to engage in supportive and inclusive conversations about mental health
  • A four step self-coaching framework for holding supportive conversations around mental health that can be used by anyone in the workplace


Led by Komal Bhasin, a doctoral-trained mental health clinician and workplace inclusion consultant, this three-hour mental health workshop will include a combination of lecture, breakouts, discussions, Q&A and self-reflection takeaways. Komal will share tangible strategies that are rooted in the most current evidence on mental health inclusion in the workplace.


Important Details:

May 6, 2021 at 2:00-5:00 pm ET

Tickets: $195 USD (plus taxes and fees)

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“Ritu is an entertaining, compelling, and captivating speaker. She effectively leverages her own experiences and insights to engage the audience in a deeply personal journey.”

— Rima Alaily, Microsoft

“I was honestly shocked at how much I learned, how many points hit home for me. I left the course a changed woman… I am proud. I am hopeful. And I am thankful to Ritu for opening my mind.”

— Let’s Dig Deep Workshop Attendee

“I just enjoyed it so much, the level of enlightenment I left with was lunar high.”

— Let’s Dig Deep Workshop Attendee

“Ritu’s relatable, energetic style and engaging honesty begs your attention, and her deep expertise guarantees learning and growth. She makes the audience feel smart and complicit.”

— Shari Tivy, Association of Legal Administrators

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