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Let’s Dig Deep: Addressing Anxiety and Stress as Hybrid Work Becomes the New Normal

Wednesday, November 3, 2021, at 2:00 PM

In early 2020, a global pandemic changed how we live, work and experience the world. Over a year later, as organizations begin preparing for a shift to in-person or hybrid work environments, we are more concerned than ever about protecting and cultivating our individual and collective mental health and wellness.

During this transitional moment, it’s important to recognize that the past year was experienced differently by each person and that the push for in-person and hybrid work will also be experienced differentially. For some, returning to in-person work brings mental health-related concerns such as fear, uncertainty, stress and anxiety.

As part of our efforts to promote mental health inclusion, bci Inclusion Academy is pleased to announce Let’s Dig Deep: Addressing Anxiety and Stress as Hybrid Work Becomes the New Normal, a virtual workshop designed to equip both leaders and team members with the tools and frameworks they need for creating a safe, supportive and meaningful transition back to some form of in-person work.

Topics covered in this workshop include the following: 

  • The impact of over a year of remote work on individuals and teams and common causes of anxieties related to returning to some form of in-person work
  • How concerns about working in-person again may be experienced differentially by women, professionals of color, people with lived experience of mental health challenges and other communities
  • Individual level strategies and practices that professionals can employ to prepare for in-person and hybrid work and to address concerns and anxieties
  • Key team-based and organizational strategies to minimize and address employee concerns, promote team cohesion in a hybrid work environment and reengage employees

Led by Dr. Komal Bhasin, bci’s Senior DEI Consultant and Mental Health Expert-in-Residence, this three-hour workshop will include a combination of lecture, breakouts, discussions, Q&A and self-reflection takeaways. Komal will share tangible strategies that are rooted in the most current evidence on mental health inclusion in the workplace.


Important Details:

November 3, 2021 at 2:00-5:00 pm ET

Tickets: $195 USD (plus taxes and fees)

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“Ritu is an entertaining, compelling, and captivating speaker. She effectively leverages her own experiences and insights to engage the audience in a deeply personal journey.”

— Rima Alaily, Microsoft

“I was honestly shocked at how much I learned, how many points hit home for me. I left the course a changed woman… I am proud. I am hopeful. And I am thankful to Ritu for opening my mind.”

— Let’s Dig Deep Workshop Attendee

“I just enjoyed it so much, the level of enlightenment I left with was lunar high.”

— Let’s Dig Deep Workshop Attendee

“Ritu’s relatable, energetic style and engaging honesty begs your attention, and her deep expertise guarantees learning and growth. She makes the audience feel smart and complicit.”

— Shari Tivy, Association of Legal Administrators

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