Calling Out Classism – I Don’t Care How Much Money You Have!

We live in a society that places significant value on being affluent and on flaunting our “bling” in order to appear complete or whole. We learn from an early age that our social worth goes hand in hand with our financial worth, and we judge others for not having as much. I see it everywhere and I’ve had enough of it!

As someone who grew up in a household run by immigrant parents who were very careful with what we spent our limited money on, I was painfully aware of how the other kids around me had so much more “fancy stuff”, largely because I was bullied for not having what they had. I grew up feeling the painful sting of classism and, despite the privilege I now enjoy, I’m still sensitive today to how it permeates society.

In this video, I share my thoughts (disdain!) on the prevalence of classism and why we must call it out.

Watch now!

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