Do You Feel Insecure Sometimes? I Do!


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people respond in disbelief when I share that I’m feeling insecure. They’ll reveal that because I seem so confident and self-assured, they could never imagine that I’d feel like an impostor or insecure.

The truth is that we all have feelings of shame, sadness, pain and more. The problem is that we live in a society that overemphasizes perfection and vilifies vulnerabilities, resulting in shame to talk about our insecurities. We fear appearing weak, inadequate, and unworthy.

But based on my work, let me tell you, the inverse is true! I know from my own personal experiences that talking about my vulnerabilities has actually helped to make me feel more confident and whole. But also, when we share our stories and open up to others, it brings us closer together. When we realize that we are not alone, our shame and insecurities are replaced with positive, genuine self-regard and human connection.

In this #AskRitu video, I reveal some of my insecurities in hopes that it inspires you to become more comfortable with embracing your truth and with standing in your power.



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