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Life is Both Hard and Beautiful

We live in a world that loves to categorize things as either/or. Too often, we forget about the “and.”

Often times we are very binary about how we live life. We fall into a way of thinking that life is either beautiful or it is hard, and we fail to see that on any given day, week, or year we can have happy moments and we can have difficult and dark moments.

When we’re in the deep, difficult self-reflection process of trying to live better — what I call “doing our work” — we often uncover lessons that show us that life is both hard and beautiful. We might struggle through the difficult times, but we also have incredibly wonderful experiences. Just as we all have good and bad within us, it’s important to remember that experiences that seem to be opposites can be true at the same time.

But how can we stay grounded and anchored to the “and” throughout the range of experiences we have in life when “doing our work”?

In this video I talk about how you can reconcile the beauty and the difficulty of life and how to stay anchored in tough times.

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