Don’t Wait for a Special Day! Use Your Nice Stuff Now

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved the samples of fancy perfume and shampoo I got for free in magazines and at stores. I would always save them for “special occasions”, because they felt so nice and so fancy, but often they would go bad by the time I went to use them. This was how I lived for many years — saving the nice things I got until there was a very important reason for me to use them.

Then I met my law school roomie, Caroline. Caroline always used her nice things, as part of living her life with zest. When I asked her why she didn’t save her fancy stuff for a special occasion, she said something that literally changed my world.

Her simple response was such a learning experience for me because it is so true! In this video, I share Caroline’s lifechanging advice and how it changed the way I looked at my belongings, inspired me to embrace the now, and led me to start using fancy things first.

Watch now!

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