How I Broke My Bad Habit of Procrastinating

Back when I was in university, I had a really bad habit of leaving things to the last minute — doing course readings, working on assignments, studying for exams, you name it! I regularly pulled all-nighters to study for exams, and I literally wrote 10-page papers the day before they were due (I figured out that I needed one full day to pull off a 10-page paper!). I was a chronic procrastinator!

Although I made it through my student days fine, when I entered the working world, I realized that procrastinating was actually causing me a lot of stress. And so I made the decision to break my bad habit of procrastinating, which wasn’t easy after a lifetime of putting things off to the last minute.

It took a lot of practice and self-discipline to flip my behavior, but I’ve managed to overcome my habit of procrastinating (mostly, that is — nobody’s perfect!). In this video, I share the two things that helped me to stop procrastinating. If you have this issue and want to interrupt it, this video is for you!

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