How to be Anti-Racist During This Time of Crisis

This is an incredibly stressful time. COVID-19 has resulted in a global health crisis, the unprecedented shift to working from home for so many of us, the adjustment to a lifestyle of physical distancing, and more much. We’re experiencing dramatic changes in a very short period of time.

While some of the social changes we’re seeing have been positive — YAY to increased care for our neighbors and communities and to virtual house parties with beloveds! — we’re also seeing ugliness and darkness. In particular, I’m thinking about the wave of racism that is being unleashed towards people from Asian (and Iranian) communities. This is particularly upsetting to witness at a time when we need to be actively practicing empathy and inclusion.

I recently did a video about how to call out racist remarks, and I wanted to expand on how to interrupt racism in the wake of COVID-19. So in this video, I give you concrete tools for being anti-racist during this time and I share a story I heard about COVID-19-related racism as an example of what we need to be looking out for.

Join me in calling out racism.

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