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Stop Shaming Sex Before Marriage

I come from a culture where talking about sex is mostly taboo, and so is having sex before marriage. Even though we know teenagers and young adults are having sex, the main message in my culture is “you must wait for marriage before you have sex!”

Bring on an open dialogue about misogyny here! So much of this messaging is aimed at girls and women and why they, in particular, should wait. UGH! Not only do these conversations shame us, but they actively fuel patriarchy by stigmatizing sexuality and assuming control over women’s bodies.

We MUST call this out and have open conversations about sexuality so that we can open the door to important conversations like consent, protecting yourself from STIs, and how to have a healthy sexual relationship — and of course, loads of other interesting sexual topics!

So in this video, I do this by openly sharing my thoughts on sex before marriage and the key ingredients for a healthy conversation on sex.

Watch now!

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