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My Must-Use Tool for Communicating Hurt Feelings

Relationships are complicated. Between differences of opinion, personality contrasts, and unique communication styles, feelings can get hurt sometimes.

I’ve talked a lot about the importance of sharing your feelings and how one of the key elements of a healthy relationship is communication, but it can be tough to tell the person you love that they’ve hurt you — especially if you aren’t great at conflict. No one enjoys the conflict that can come with telling someone that they’ve hurt your feelings, especially if you’ve had experiences in the past with gaslighting.

But if you want things to get better, you must tell your partner (or parent or friend) how you feel. (Use your words!)

In this video, I share with you a simple must-use tool for communicating your hurt feelings in a way that takes the pressure off the other person and encourages open communication, even around difficult issues.

You might be worried that by telling someone they’ve hurt you, you’ll lose them, but this communication tool will help you to share your feelings in an authentic and caring way, and will make your relationships stronger.

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