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Want to Call Out Racist Remarks? You Must Do This

Picture a moment when someone says something in your presence that feels racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive. You know, one of those comments that make you think, “WTF, did you really just say that?!?”, but that causes you to freeze in your tracks?

It happens to many of us unfortunately.

We freeze in these moments because our bodies are gripped by discomfort, which causes us to not know how to respond in the moment. Our bodies are literally too occupied with being stunned! For a lot of us, it’s not until later at home or when we’re back at our desks that we craft the perfect response.

While these moments are unfortunately all too common for some of us — hello to my fellow women and women of color — there is a powerful thing that you can do to help you to address offensive remarks when they’re made, and not feel regret for not responding in a way that you would have wanted to.

In this video, I share my technique for calling out offensive remarks so that you are better prepared going forward.

Watch now!

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