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Many years ago now, I was in a relationship with a man (my now ex-boyfriend), and I suspected that he was cheating on me.

When I confronted him about my suspicions — which I later learned were true — he called me controlling and accusatory and other mean things. Basically, he made me doubt myself and doubt the clues I had picked up on that made me think he was being unfaithful.

This made me feel very insecure and like there was something wrong with me, which is exactly how he wanted me to feel.

What he was doing was gaslighting me. It was an awful experience, and I want to help you to prevent it from ever happening to you!

What is gaslighting?

In this video I explain what gaslighting is, how people use gaslighting to manipulate others, and what you can do if you think someone is doing this to you.

Watch now!

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