What is White Supremacy?

When people hear the language “white supremacy,” many instantly think of white hoods and the KKK. This is certainly one aspect of white supremacy, but it’s just a small manifestation of the concept and takes us away from overarching meaning.

Very simply put, white supremacy is the ideology that white people are better than people of color and Indigenous peoples. It is through power and privilege that this ideology permeates our lives, systems, practices, structures, and more. There is increasing talk in public forums and the media about supremacy, power, and privilege and how they show up in our world, but for many of us these concepts are still quite difficult to contextualize in our real lives.

In this video, I break down the difference between racial supremacy, power, and privilege, how these three concepts are connected, and why white supremacy is the root issue that needs our attention.

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