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Want to Live More Authentically? You Must Use This Transformative Tool!

How many times have you heard the phrase “be yourself”? Most of us have received this advice countless times. But while our culture talks a good game about valuing authenticity, the reality is that in our families, friendships, romantic relationships, workplaces, social circles, and beyond, the pressure to be like others and downplay our differences can be difficult to withstand.

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The Simple, Powerful Truth About Authenticity

The other day, I had a girlfriend over who I hadn’t connected with for a long time. As we settled onto the couch to catch up over tea, she asked me what was new in my life.

In that moment, I had a choice – I could have used one of many stock answers that most of us have at the ready, like “Not much, everything’s good!” or the classic, “I’m so busy these days!”

Sound familiar?

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