Improve Your Relationship with the 5 Love Languages

Between demanding schedules and personal obligations, sometimes it can be easy to forget about the work we need to put into nurturing our relationships. Especially during this difficult moment, when our lives feel overwhelmed by stress related to COVID, we’re still working from home, we’re upset by all the inequities we’re observing, and more, the simple gestures or compliments we usually dish out to our loved ones can easily fall by the wayside.

But as we know, human connection is what brings meaning to our lives, and investing energy to improve our relationships will ultimately make us happier.

One of the tools that I’ve used to help me to improve my relationships — romantic and otherwise — is a tool called the 5 Love Languages. If you’re not familiar with the 5 Love Languages, you gotta check them out! Basically, there are five main ways that we speak and understand emotional love: words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality times, and acts of service.

Everyone’s love language is different, and everyone has a unique preference for how they want to show their love and care for others — and how they want to receive love and care back. I personally have found this knowledge to be so helpful in improving the quality of my relationships, including how I deal with conflict.

In this video, I share why I adore the 5 Love Languages and how learning your loved ones’ love language can improve your relationships.

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