A Must Do for Getting Through this Difficult Time

We’re living through a really difficult time. Not only are we still adjusting to the dramatic lifestyle changes brought on by COVID-19, we’re also in the midst of a social crisis that has shone a glaring spotlight on the racial injustices experienced by Black communities on a daily basis.

So many of us are feeling completely overwhelmed by feelings of tension, stress, anxiety, pain, and more, to the point that even managing our self-care practices has become a struggle. In these moments, it can be tempting to throw yourself a never-ending pity party, but there is a way to overcome these difficult feelings and emotions to feel calmer and more centered.

So what is it? In this video, I share this must-do behavior that will help you fight stress and feel calmer and more grounded, during even the most difficult and stressful times.

Watch now!

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