How I Overcame Racist Childhood Bullying

When I was a little girl, I was one of a few kids of color in my very white, homogenous neighborhood, which meant that with my brown skin, long black braids, and hard-to-pronounce name, I stuck out a lot. And when you’re a kid, being different can often draw attention — and not the positive kind.

For many years, I was the target of racist childhood bullying, and these experiences ultimately caused me to hide my Authentic Self, reject my cultural heritage, and struggle with low self-esteem as a young adult.

I’m so grateful to say that I’m forward from these dark experiences and I finally feel beautiful in my skin — both inside and out.

In this video, I share what helped me heal from my childhood experiences with racist bullying and how I learned to embrace my Brownness and stand in my power as a woman of color.

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