A Gift From Me to Me! The Types of Therapy I Do for Self-Care


As you know from my passion for posting about self-care on Instagram stories in particular, I’m all about taking care of myself in order to live my best life. As part of my commitment to self-care, I particularly focus on practices that cultivate mental wellness and seeking therapy is a huge part of this.

My journey with therapy began in my early twenties (so now over twenty years ago!!). I was in university, struggling with the pressure to get into law school, and I was having family issues. It took courage to do back then, but seeking out expert guidance was one of the best gifts that I have ever given to myself.

In this #AskRitu video, I talk about the different types of therapy I’ve experienced, what has especially helped me, and why talking about therapy is important. I hope my words inspire you to pick self-care practices (it’s coming!) that help you to live your best and to talk more openly about mental health and self-care.


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