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How I Practice Self-Care While Fighting Racism

As a diversity consultant and leadership speaker, my work is rooted in anti-oppression, decolonization, and disrupting racism, sexism, and other forms of supremacy.

My work is extremely rewarding because it affords me the opportunity to deeply connect with people on both our shared experiences and our differences. It also gives me the chance to do my healing work because I get to address my wounds that are caused by racism and more. And, I get to chip away at dismantling oppression.

But, doing this work is difficult! As I often say, a woke life is F’ing hard. It does impact me adversely. For example, it makes me really sad to constantly hear stories from people who have experienced marginalization and, more recently, I’m tuning more into how this work can give rise to feelings of anxiety and fear.

So what do I do to manage self-care to address the challenges of doing diversity and inclusion work?

Watch this video as I share my strategies! And please know, your work may affect you in ways that you may not expect or even know, which is why self-care is so important.

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