So What If I Cuss Like a Pirate? Swearing is Good for You!

One aspect of my Authentic Self that I’ve truly embraced over the years — and especially during COVID — is that I cuss like a pirate. It helps me release stress, express how I’m feeling, and so much more.

Recently, I was leading a session with a client (as a professional webinar-er), and the topic of swearing popped up. In my true authentic fashion, I mentioned that I like to cuss like a pirate in many areas of my life. Upon saying this, one of the session attendees messaged me privately and said that using profanity would undermine my credibility. Sigh.

This instance reminded me of the negative meaning and judgment that’s attached to swearing. We’re often told, especially as women, that cussing is rude, unnecessary, immature, and more — when in reality, it’s proven to be good for you as a way to release stress and tension!

In this video, I talk about the myriad reasons why swearing is actually good for you and why, if you cuss like a pirate like I do, you should say F that noise and embrace this part of yourself!

Watch now!

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