Finding the Motivation to Work Out During COVID

Taking care of my physical health has always been important to me, but during this year especially, in the midst of the global pandemic and the ongoing racial injustice crisis, I’ve found that prioritizing my physical health has been so helpful for managing the almost constant stress, activation, and worry that I — and so many of you! — have been experiencing.

Taking the time to actively tune into my body and my surroundings has helped me to stay physically healthy and manage my mental health during this prolonged period of stress and uncertainty and also to be more embodied when fighting racism and other forms of oppression.

But although I know that prioritizing working out has numerous benefits for my mental, physical, and spiritual health, finding the motivation to work out during COVID has been hard work.

So in this video, I share my top tips and strategies for staying motivated to work out during life’s difficult moments — even if it feels like the last thing you want to do.

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