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Get Onto Life’s Emotional Roller Coaster

I recently found myself on what I’m calling a roller coaster of emotions. Within the span of a few hours, I experienced a mix of intense happiness, anger, and sadness.

Of course, my first instinct was to try and figure out what the hell was wrong with me. Because, like many, sometimes my first instinct is to jump to the belief that something is clearly dysfunctional with me — why else would I be feeling a swing of emotions?

Despite my attempt to crack the code on what was wrong with me, I couldn’t figure out a reason for my wild ride of emotions. BUT! I did have an interesting insight that allowed me to get through the experience and has been with me since!

Want to know what that helpful insight was? Check out this video where I talk about what I did to make peace with my emotional roller coaster ride and I recommend for you the next time you experience an intense range of emotions.

Watch now!

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