Help! I Have a Racist Family

The holiday season is upon us, and for many people that means spending time with extended family for the first time since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the aftermath of a very polarized American election that was observed around the world.

And while holiday stress can be difficult to manage even without all of these external factors at play, this year’s holiday tensions could be even higher — especially if you’re someone who has family members who openly share their racist remarks, jokes, and views.

If you’re in this situation, it might be tempting to forgo the holidays altogether (and with another COVID lockdown looming, you’d have a valid excuse!), but as an anti-racism educator and social justice activist who has personally been in similar situations, I can tell you that it’s so important to call out these types of behavior, especially with family members.

In this video, I share four strategies for dealing with racist family members and why it’s so important to have difficult conversations about racism with our loved ones.

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