The 3 Things That Happen With Bias — And What to Do About Them

There’s a lot of talk lately about bias tied to cultural identities like race/ethnoculture and gender identity, but there’s also continued confusion about what bias is, how it works, and where it shows up.

So what is bias?

Simply put, bias refers to the mental shortcuts our brains take in decision-making. These mental shortcuts impact the way we treat others — especially people who our brains have unconsciously decided are not like us because of the way they look, speak, behave, and more.

We are all hardwired to engage in bias, which means that there are three things that happen with bias (and they happen to everyone): we dish it out, we receive it, and we internalize it.

In this video, I take a deep dive into the three things that happen with bias and talk about how our ability to interrupt bias can affect how inclusive, authentic, happy, and even successful we are.

Watch now!

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