My Fascinating Insight on Why People Hate


We’re seeing hate all around us right now. Chilling news reports. Graphic videos. Posts on social media. “Go back to where you came from!” being hurled at people on the street. Hate is everywhere.

As someone who works to interrupt oppression, one of the things I’m being asked about a lot lately is why people hate and, more importantly, how to interrupt it. And, not surprisingly, I’ve got a lot to say about this!

We often hear that the opposite of hate is love and, while that may be true, one of the things I’ve learned through my work is that both of these experiences are incredibly intertwined! Love and hate are directly connected.

What do I mean by this? Watch this #RituTalks video as I explain the relationship between love and hate, and how my powerful insight can be used to dismantle forms of supremacy, hate, oppression, and more, that we see around us right now. And, if my message resonates with you, please spread the word so that we can collectively interrupt the hate that’s around us, and work to heal the pain and hurt that so many people are experiencing. Join me in building a community of inspiration and consciousness!



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