The Personal Beliefs that COVID Shattered for Me

Recently my dear friend Coralie sent out a reflection question on a group chat board that really got me thinking! Essentially, a magazine was polling people about their deeply held beliefs about society that have been shattered due to COVID-19, and she wanted to hear our thoughts. Her question lit up the group chat and got my brain firing!

I asked myself the following question: “What personal beliefs have I previously held that have now been shattered by this COVID experience?”

Wow, did this self-reflection exercise really push me to reflect on some of the beliefs I had about myself and my life before COVID changed my entire way of living. And let me tell you, some of the revelations I had were surprising!

In this video, I share some of my personal beliefs that were shattered due to COVID and the new perspective I’ve gained because of this self-reflection.

Watch now and then try out this exercise yourself!

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