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Are We All Doomed to be Socially Awkward After COVID Ends?

It’s official — we’ve passed the one-year mark of when COVID-19 took over our lives and changed everything! Can you believe it’s been a whole year?

Recently I’ve been reflecting on all of the challenges and changes we’ve faced, some of which have been positive — for example, I’ve been so inspired by how many people are committing to becoming more inclusive and to interrupting racism and white supremacy — and others which have been not so great.

One example that springs to mind for me is how in-person social interactions now feel very strange. And it got me thinking, when life starts to return to a new normal, will we all be socially awkward and maladjusted?

In this video, I share an experience I had recently where I wasn’t sure how to behave and my thoughts on what could happen once our lives start opening up again.

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