Spending Money on Yourself is the Best Investment You Can Make


If someone had told me when I was young that I’d one day grow up to be an entrepreneur and run my own business, I would’ve said “As if!!”. But here I am, almost ten years later running my own social enterprise! (Side note: If you’re thinking of starting your own business and need a little push, check out this video. And, my words of encouragement for you: take a leap and just do it!)

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned over the years is that, in order to make money as a successful business, you have to spend money. You must invest in your company in order to consistently grow your revenue and to keep turning a profit. This is something I hold in my mind when making business decisions, but I’ve also come to apply this to myself, as an individual, as well.

Along my journey of growing as a person, I’ve learned that in order to flourish and thrive in life, we must put resources into nurturing our mind and body! This means investing in education, activities, and tools that help you to become better trained, to feel more confident and beautiful, to be more grounded, and to cultivate more self-love.

This #RituTalks video is all about inspiring you to start seeing yourSELF as the greatest investment that you possess.


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