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Women Get Their Period — Get Over It!

I’ve been thinking a lot about women’s health lately, because it feels like there’s an increasingly oppressive clamp being placed on what we can/can’t do with our bodies. (Think: what’s happening in the US with abortion laws!) But I’ve also been thinking about my own personal experiences, including what often happens when I’m on my period.

I get really bad cramps when I’m on my period, and I used to be timid about carrying around a heating pad or hot water bottle. Why was I shy about this? (Hint: it’s connected to misogyny, a.k.a. gender supremacy.) Because everything to do with women’s health is stigmatized and viewed as being dirty — and I’m so done with it!

Now when people ask me about my hot water bottle, I boldly declare: I have my period and I’m getting really bad cramps. Get over it!

I want us all to normalize that women get their period. We should no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed about this. So in this video, I talk about why women should stop hiding their periods and fight back against sexism and body shaming.

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