Change Your Life Through the Power of Scripting

Have you ever been in a situation where someone is rude to you or you hear an offensive comment that leaves you frozen — unable to reply or even speak — only to think of the perfect response half an hour later after the moment has passed?! We’ve all been there and know how frustrating it can feel to be at a loss for words.

This is where scripting comes in.

Scripting is a valuable tool I use to help me stand in my power. So what is scripting?

Scripting is simply planning what you will say in advance of a difficult or stressful situation when you know you might shut down or freeze. When we script, we write down what we want to say and practice and memorize the language so that we are prepared to use it when the moment arises.

Scripting can be useful in a huge range of situations. It can help you when you’re afraid to share your feelings or when you need to respond to an offensive comment (what I call an “Oh no, you didn’t!” moment). It’s an extremely effective way to ensure you don’t walk away regretting your response — or not responding at all.

Believe me when I say that scripting has changed my life! And it can change yours too.

Watch my video now to learn about the science behind scripting and how you can use this technique in your life.

I'm Ritu.

I’m an award-winning life coach, empowerment speaker, author, and inclusion expert dedicated to helping you live your best life.


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