Care Less About What Others Think with the “I Don’t Give an F Plan”

Many years ago, when I decided that authenticity was going to be one of my guiding values, I started to apply what I call the “I Don’t Give an F Plan” to everything I did. The “I Don’t Give an F Plan” is very simple: it basically means that you stop worrying about what others think.

It means letting go of how others may judge you or perceive you for how you live. It means living in accordance with what makes you happy and what makes you who you are. It means feeling free to be your perfectly imperfect self, and if you want to feel free, unencumbered, and empowered then this is the plan for you!

I started living by this plan when I was writing The Authenticity Principle. In doing the deep self-reflection work required to write the book, I realized that even though I had come a long way in living authentically since my younger years, I was still holding back in certain areas because I feared the judgment of others.

But I didn’t want to hold back anymore. I wanted to live the way I wanted to live in every way possible! I wanted to stop giving an F. So I did.

In this video, I talk about what makes the “I Don’t Give an F Plan” so satisfying and give you some tips and tricks so you can learn to stop giving an F and start living your best.

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