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It’s Hard to be an Indian Woman

Being a woman can be really hard at times. We get overlooked at work. We get body shamed. We get constant unsolicited advice about our relationships — or lack thereof — and our fertility.

On top of all of this, as an Indian woman, I can affirm that it’s tough to be a woman at times because of how intensely misogyny permeates all aspects of our culture. It’s difficult for us to talk openly about this because of our fear of affirming racial biases that are directed towards our culture. But we must openly name the oppression that Indian women experience.

In other videos, I talk a lot about other challenges that we experience in Indian culture, but in this video, in particular, I address the oppression of Indian women and offer my advice on how to overcome this.

Some of this may feel really uncomfortable for you. I understand that, but if we want to be part of a world where everyone has access to experiencing freedom, joy, authenticity, empowerment, and inclusion, we must talk about this more openly.

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